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Shitty holidays/Pixel point coms and art trades

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2012, 11:15 PM
Haha okay then. Guess no one wants a design auction from me. Oh well. I'm pretty much calling off xmas around me anyway. There's no way I'll have any money to get people gifts with the way things are already looking on my end. If anyone I know irl gets me anything I'm just not going to open it, and tell them to return it. Given my families track record for gifts that I don't directly ask for, I probably won't want it so much anyway. "WAIT WHAT? IS THAT ALL CHRISTMAS IS TO YOU?!" Actually yes. My family does nothing more than exchange horrible gifts. One year we ate at some place, and they actually wanted to just exchange gifts in the parking lot. I hate this holiday. It's the worst.

But whatever I feel like pixeling lately. So I'll take some useless point commissions for pixels.
Remember 80 points is still a dollar don't be an idiot and offer me 5 to 10 points. Regardless of how useless points are to me, I'm going to charge somewhere around 300-800 points like a sane human being. My time is not worth 3-5 cents.
I also might take an art trade if what you want in return is a pixel. If you're going to delay your end of the art trade too long, don't bother asking.

Riczilla364 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Well I see your point...
By the way, im making another picture for you too.
I don't expect anything in return really sis.
Im just doing this for fun and make my skill better.
As long as your my sister, thats all I ask. :)
Astronblackmoon Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
lawl. Taking that dA family pretty serious aren't we? I was talking about the people I'm actually related to. Don't sweat it.
You can make me something if you want. When it comes to gift art on massive holidays like this I tend to be unpredictable. There's a LOT of people I could make art for, but I'd have to get it all done in a relatively small amount time. Being as slow as I am it's pretty difficult. That's why I tend to stick to birthday gift arts.
Riczilla364 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Its was ment for birthday but I was too busy at the time.
So ya, it could be your holiday gift. :)
Besides, I do it from my heart.
I just give.
So you have lot of people to deal with but so little time huh?
I can understand about that.
Since i've done it.
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December 2, 2012